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Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

Henrose Plastics has plastic bags available for many applications. Sizes range in width from 50mm to 1280mm thickness from 15um to 250um. Accessories available include die cut or reinforced patch handles, vent holes 3mm – 16mm diameter, longitudinal perforation, micro-perforation, ink jet sequential numbering and star seal.




Max width 2000mm x length 10m

Tear off perforated

Side/Bottom seal Bags on Roll for auto-loaded products, Flat or Side Gusseted for Carton and Crate Liners, Drum Liners, Waste and Medical Bags. Used in environments that require heat.




Bottom seal bags, Flat or Side Gusseted for manual loading. Bags for foods and liquids, Garbage Bags, Carton and Crate Liners and Medical Waste Bags. Bags for numerous industries are readily available .




Side Seal Bags, flat or bottom gusseted, 30um – 100um thickness, for manual loading.  Boutique Carry Bags, Fertiliser and Potting soil Bags, Flat Bags and many more.