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Plastic Packaging Manufacturers


Allow us at Henrose Plastics to take the stress out of your packaging supply requirements. Our experienced sales staff can assist you with up to date inventory figures and constant communication between dispatch and client deliveries.


Our high level Slit Rewinding department allows us to run a broad range of materials for rework, rewind or preparation for further conversion.


Slit sizes range from 88mm to 800mm.


Side Seal Bags, flat or bottom gusseted, 30um – 100um thickness, for manual loading.  Boutique Carry Bags, Fertiliser and Potting soil Bags, Flat Bags and many more.

At Henrose Plastics we pride ourselves in producing packaging that is reliable and cost effective.

Bag & sheet are converted in various sizes from 30um to 200um.


The flexographic printing process is utilised to faithfully reproduce high resolution images up to 8 colours. Our extensive range of printing equipment allows for the identification of all material types, profiles and styles of flexible packaging materials produced by the company regardless of application.


The end result is sharp, bright colours complying with regulations, product identification, bar coding, ingredient statements and quick response point of sale features.


Beyond the basic requirements come half tone and process full pictorial prints to promote branding and serving suggestions approaching digital photo image quality.


At Henrose Plastics the use of Special inks allows us to meet with end-use applications in which sheeting, tubing and bags are consumed. Food contact, hot and cold temperature use, outdoor exposure, chemical and UV resistant, oven able and heat sealing compatible.


On site manufacture includes low and linear low density polyethylene, high performance metallocene grades and recycled polymer, available in mono-layer or multi-layer construction.


Very narrow web low and linear low density lay flat tubing starting at 50mm completes the range of films available Henrose Plastics.


Specific additives can be blended to polyethylene films that meet with specific customer use that include coloured master batches, seal and hot tack benefits, low, medium and high slip features.


Mono-layer blown film capability Widths:


50mm – 1200mm (1300mm gusset profile)   Gauges: 15um – 200um (150um gusset profile)


Co-Ex Film Capability Width:


600mm – 1260mm Gauges: 15um – 250um


Flexographic prints from 1 up to 8 colours are available from solid line designs through to half tone and process, full pictorial designs. Inks are solvent based, being compliant with food contact requirements or horticultural variants resisting fade and moisture when products are stored externally.



At Henrose Plastics we handle all your stereo recreations to best suit your requirement. Sharp bright images are printed to achieve high resolution graphic reproduction that will enhance your brand when displayed at point of sale level.




Henrose Plastics utilises 8 colour Flexographic Print technology to reproduced images in stunning quality. Cost effective In-Line Printing is also available for product coding needs.




Colours available are 1 up to 8 from solid line designs through to half tone and process, full pictorial designs.




Web widths up to 1250 mm are printed in 1 to 8 colours, from solid line designs through to half tone and process, full pictorial designs.  Inkjet date coding and sequential numbering are also available.


Using blown film extrusion processes and a wide variety of Polymers, Henrose Plastics manufactures flexible film and tubing to suit specific applications by size, thickness, profile and colours in many variations.


Low Density (LDPE), Linear Low Density (LLDPE) and High Density (HD) Polyethylene polymers are blended with Metallocene, plus a range of additives and colours to ensure high performance in every application.


Please contact us to discuss your particular needs that may require the addition of performance enhancing characteristics like EVA and Anti-Static, Anti-Slip, Anti-Fog master batches or UV inhibitors.



Mono-Layer and 3 Layer Co-Extruded constructions combine to offer the best cost effective materials on offer. Henrose Plastics has the technical expertise to design products to the highest performance requirements.


Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Lay Flat sheeting is manufactured for heat shrink film applications used in a broad range of applications across the pharmaceutical, food and general packaging industries.


Linear low density (LLDPE) tubing roll stock also used as protective packaging across a large spectrum of users and can be supplied in virgin, recycled or blends.



Henrose Plastics has plastic bags available for many applications. Sizes range in width from 50mm to 1280mm thickness from 15um to 250um. Accessories available include die cut or reinforced patch handles, vent holes 3mm – 16mm diameter, longitudinal perforation, micro-perforation, ink jet sequential numbering and star seal.




Max width 2000mm x length 10m

Tear off perforated

Side/Bottom seal Bags on Roll for auto-loaded products, Flat or Side Gusseted for Carton and Crate Liners, Drum Liners, Waste and Medical Bags. Used in environments that require heat.




Bottom seal bags, Flat or Side Gusseted for manual loading. Bags for foods and liquids, Garbage Bags, Carton and Crate Liners and Medical Waste Bags. Bags for numerous industries are readily available .




Side Seal Bags, flat or bottom gusseted, 30um – 100um thickness, for manual loading.  Boutique Carry Bags, Fertiliser and Potting soil Bags, Flat Bags and many more.